Damanhur international

Local organisation

There no regular Damanhur nucleos – there is a house in Bettum where 4 initiates live.

There are three geographical areas known as “hubs” where there are more than one initiates:

  • the Vestfold Hub in Bettum;
  • the Østfold Hub in Askim;
  • the Nordland Hub in Bleikvassli.

Every initiate (there are currently about 27 in 2022) is connected to a Hub. There is also a formal Association structure, like an NGO, called Damanhur Norge.

Through this organization the initiates sponsor courses and events around Norway. It also maintains the territory and includes the “friends of Damanhur” group.




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At the Vestfold Hub: city of Bettum: Damanhurian territory (owned by four initiates), Ritual circle (2020), Spiral, Pan labyrinth, Sphere room, Sferoself; in the city of Sandefjord: Damanhurian territory, Prayer Hall, Spiral, Antenna, Sferoself.

At the Østfold Hub: in the town of Askim: Sphere room, Spiral rope, Sferoself; in the town of Fredrikstad: Sphere room, Spiral rope, Sferoself (two).

At the Nordland Hub: in the town of Bleikvassli: Sphere room, Sferoself. In 2022 there are a total of four spheres connected to synchronic lines.


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