The Spiritual Project

When a species reaches a sufficient complexity in evolution—so much so that it is fully aware of its divine origin—, it can become a conscious intermediary between the spiritual and the material planes.

Throughout human history, stories and myths have helped us give meaning to the world, to life and its challenges; they have inspired dreams and endeavours… Damanhur has a complex and fascinating narrative, recounting the history of humanity from even before we came to this planet from the stars.

In this perspective, humanity evolves spiritually according to a “Program of Species” which we call VAJNE (pronounce: vinay). VAJNE includes many other species on our planet besides us humans. This direction of evolution is based on the reconnection of human beings, plants, animals and minerals, beings and intelligences from other worlds, and divine forces at all levels.

VAJNE is based on Divine Love and Intelligence. It represents the path toward the original spiritual unity to which we belong. It is the conscious return to the spiritual dimension, which is the source and the container of all that exists, has existed and will exist. In it there is no time, no space, no matter. In the Damanhurian tradition it is called “The Real.”

All aspects of the Damanhurian experience—from shared everyday life to its path of sacred wisdom and initiation—are aimed at the awakening of individual and collective awareness, in order to actively support human spiritual evolution, to actualize VAJNE.

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