Welcome to New Life 2.0

A one-month community experience and a life-changing journey

Damanhur is a magical and spiritual reality that offers a unique social model for the world. The New Life program allows you to explore if this is the right place for you!

New Life 2.0 is a month-long immersive program that offers a transformative experience in Damanhur. It is designed for people who feel a calling toward community life, spirituality, and a potential life in Damanhur. This experience is the first step in entering community life as a protagonist.

The program explores sacred spaces, Damanhur’s 4 communities, community life, mythology and magical quests. It helps you discover your deep-rooted potential, and allows you to harness the power we hold as a collective with a shared dream.

Come and explore whether this is the place where your talents and dreams for a better tomorrow can take root and flourish together with ours.

Program Highlights

You will explore...

Community Living and Personal Evolution

Experience first-hand what living in a community is, live, and witness the profound impact it has on personal growth. Feel the magic of the collective energy and be part of an integral organism that is much more powerful than the sum of its members! We will get into the dynamics that a community life demands, both on a human level and on a practical and organizational level.

Group Experience and Deep Connections:

Forge lasting connections with like-minded individuals as you engage in a transformative group experience. Challenge the boundaries of your character and build bonds that transcend the ordinary.

Explore Damanhur’s philosophy

Learn the new mythology and magical missions that gave rise to Damanhur, exploring and experiencing the heart and soul of our community.

Dream and Beyond

Learn the art of collective dreaming and methods of working towards manifesting those dreams. Be inspired by living examples of a lifestyle that had Damanhurians turning dreams into reality for many decades.

Tools for Your Spiritual Journey

Acquire a new perspective on essential knowledge and tools for your spiritual journey. Unlock the depths of your Being, get in touch with your Higher Self, and gain insights that will guide you on your path forward.

Exploration of Vision and Mission

Explore to uncover the alignment between Damanhur’s vision and missions for humankind with your personal dreams and aspirations. Engage and witness how your distinct talents and qualities contribute meaningfully. By the program’s conclusion, you will know whether Damanhur holds the potential for your soul and being to flourish in its unique environment.


Is This Program for Me?

I am 18 years or older

Ready to live in shared spaces and communal environment

Not afraid to expand personal boundaries and comfort zone

looking to find or enhance the level of personal fulfilment and find clear mission in life

Interested IN esoteric/spiritual alternative view of the world

Carrying in my heart a desire to co-create and materialize a new world together with like-minded people

If you tick them all (or most!) – you are ready for New Life 2.0!

The Path to Damanhurian Citizenship

The New Life 2.0 Program is only the first step towards your journey of becoming a thriving Citizen of Damanhur. If you choose to stay, we offer a mentorship program that guides and supports you along the way. This program will help you decide whether Damanhur is the right place for you.

Program Details


April 08 – May 05
May 13 – June 09


Minimum: 8 people
Maximum: 12 people


€ 1,880


The program is held in English language.
There will be further open dates in 2024.

What's Included

Shared double room with bathroom

Lunches and dinners (some of which you’ll prepare yourself)

Intense daily program with certified facilitators

Visit to our Sacred Territories: Damjl, Temples of Humankind, Sacred Woods

Special Meditation Experiences in the Temples of Humankind

An unforgettable journey!


Damanhur promotes lucid awareness.

Smoking, vaping, or the intake of any psychotropic substances and drugs, including micro-dosing,
and excessive alcohol consumption are not allowed.

Ready to Begin Your New Life?

Secure your spot in the New Life 2.0 Program and open the door to a realm of possibilities! Fill out this form, and we’ll set up a quick call.

Partial Scholarship Opportunity

Are you genuinely interested in our program but struggling with financial constraints? Don’t worry, you can apply for a partial scholarship by sending us a letter of motivation. In your letter, please make sure to include a brief bio describing your current personal journey, your aspirations and goals for the future, the skill sets you are willing to contribute, and any other important information.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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