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    Liber School is a family school that accompanies children from 0 to 14 years. Located in Piedmont, about 50 km north of Turin, in Valchiusella, at the foot of the Alps, it is an expression of the Community of Damanhur, a federation of communities with an ethical-spiritual character, boasting 35 years of experience. The school building is immersed in a 2-hectare park of green areas and wooded hills with rock formations, which are part of the Monti Pelati Special Nature Reserve. It houses approx. 50 children, one third of whom have at least one non-Italian parent.

    Our goal

    Babies are sponges and it is important to carefully choose the environment in which they spend a lot of time, such as school. The goal of our school is to awaken the unique and precious potential of children, great souls in small bodies, helping them to become self-confident adults and free in their choices. For this reason we encourage their curiosity, their autonomy and their desire to explore. And we teachers too must have the courage to grow with them, preserving the charm of life. Sometimes we adults believe that spirituality is something complex that the little ones cannot understand; for them, however, spirituality is a simple and natural thing: to see the other side of the leaves, different from what they show in the light.

    Here are the pillars on which our teaching is based:

    Experiential pedagogy

    The training course takes place in the context of an experiential pedagogy, which considers sensorial perceptions and the movement of the body the foundations of the development of intelligence and thought. Nature is the ideal environment, where it is possible to experience thought, action and emotion as part of a single process. Children learn while having fun, using play as a tool for discovery and knowledge, a means of solving small and big problems, developing the ability to collaborate and resolve conflicts.

    The itinerances

    The project of an experiential pedagogy is also carried out by moving on real itineraries, with different timings according to the age of the students, in the form of explorations of the surrounding area, day trips, trips both in Italy and abroad.

    Small groups

    Small groups allow the physical mobility that allows to enrich, through experiences in the field, projects and study topics.

    Intergenerational learning

    In the discussion of some topics and during some experiences, the groups are composed of heterogeneous ages, in order both to encourage collaboration for different skills, and to reduce the excess of competition usually stimulated by the group made up of students of the same age.

    Exercise of the art

    Courses in theater, art, music and manual skills are an essential part of the educational path for all groups, because the possibility of expressing oneself, even making mistakes, is at the origin of creativity.

    Intercultural approach

    Our children need to feel part of a Humanity made up of many parts, a single color made up of different shades, to learn to respect and value differences.

    Technology education

    An education in technology, to learn how to use it without being slaves to it, is essential to train people who know how to live their world as conscious protagonists.

    Psycho-physical health and balance

    Good health and psycho-physical balance are an important key to growing harmoniously. For this reason, taking care of our children means preventing all their discomfort.

    Relationship with the plant world

    In addition to scientific knowledge, a more sensitive, listening relationship with the plant world is developed. Enchantment is a natural element for children, but to cultivate it they need adults who value the less visible aspects of reality. Observing the magic that is hidden in every living thing, in plants, animals, but also in mathematics, science, history and all subjects, can bring out a more hidden, invisible vision of reality, which can offer different keys. of reading, so that, growing up, awareness can increase and a critical spirit towards reality can mature.



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