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The Damanhurian Healers

Years of experience, techniques and professionals available
for your personal growth and well-being

In over 45 years of research in the field of healing, well-being and personal growth, Damanhur has developed many techniques and professionalism. Here you can find and contact healers, researchers and operators in the field of well-being, available to help you on your path of growth and personal evolution.

Our wellness facilities

Contact here our experienced Spiritual Healers, active for years in the field of well-being and healing. Book a treatment at our cabins.

Our expert healers

Other specializations

Access the research and specializations that our professionals have developed over time, with passion and dedication. Here you can find and contact our experts, for your well-being and personal growth.

Our healers in the world

The School for Spiritual Healers of Damanhur has trained hundreds of healers over the years, all over the world. Find and contact the healer closest to you:
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