Falco Tarassaco

"If anyone asks about me, describe me as a philosopher and not as a Master. Keep me, if you want, in your heart."

Falco Tarassaco (Oberto Airaudi, 1950-2013) was a researcher in the field of human sciences: he has left behind a wealth of knowledge and techniques related to healing, shamanism, ancient wisdom, art and community life. Founder of Damanhur, he is considered by many an enlightened Master.
Falco was a shaman, an alchemist, a researcher. and lungo Throughout his life he continued to refine his channel of contact with Cosmic Intelligence, to carry out the mission for which he had incarnated in this age. Falco, like other Envoys, known or not, of the past, is part of the Star Masters arrived on the planet in different eras to inspire, build and accomplish the great drawing of Awakening of Humanity. In the great wealth of teachings that is his spiritual heritage, Falco constantly reminds us that every human being has a divine nature, and we can become fully aware of it, through a path of collective awakening. Love, friendship and mutual support are necessary elements on the path to Consciousness. For Falco, all knowledge, all true every spiritual realization must result in a transformation of reality. Every new insight , Each is the basis to create new ways of living together, of healing, of relating to Life in all its forms. This is why creating new communities is so important. Communities are groups of people, who choose and determine together how to live and evolve. Sharing life, ideas, ideals with others is fundamental to become channels for higher and higher levels of consciousness. In the Age of Aquarius, the new era that is beginning, Enlightenment takes place as a collective event. Falco presented humanity’s mission as a journey to recover our species’ original and profound dignity. We are divine creatures and our task is to become aware of the presence of the divine within, so that we can re-compose the great unitary Consciousness of Humanity. To achieve this, Falco underlined the importance of recovering an active relationship with the the divine Forces represented in all classical pantheons. We can recognize ourselves in them, and draw inspiration to get closer to our own realization.
After his death, which took place in Damanhur on the evening of the Full Moon of June 2013, Falco has continued to converse with his spiritual daughters and sons through a series of letters written before his death. He has left precise directions on the dates and circumstances in which his messages were—and are—to be opened. His work for the Awakening of Humanity continues.