Falco Tarassaco

Falco was a healer, an alchemist, an artist, and a tireless researcher.

Falco Tarassaco Cristallo di Lava (Oberto Airaudi, 1950-2013) is the visionary Founder of Damanhur, a Federation of Communities and worldwide spiritual movement. He is considered by many an Enlightened Being.

Falco was a healer, an alchemist, an artist, and a tireless researcher. Throughout his life, he continuously refined his channel with Cosmic Intelligence in order to carry out the mission for which he incarnated in this age.

Tarassaco, like other Envoys—known and unknown—is of the Stellar Masters, those who come to Earth as needed to inspire humanity and facilitate its Awakening.

In the Age of Aquarius, the era now beginning, Enlightenment takes place as a collective. Falco reminds us that as the divine beings we are, our task is to become fully aware of the divine within. In this way, we can re-compose the great Unitary Soul of Humanity—or as many call it, The One.

Love, action, and community are the fundamental elements on the path of Consciousness. For Falco, all spiritual knowledge and actualization must result in a transformation of material reality. Expansion of awareness creates new ways of living together, healing, loving, dreaming, and kinship with all of Life.

After his death, which took place in Damanhur on the evening of the Full Moon of June 2013, Falco has continued to converse with Damanhurians through a series of letters written before his death. He has left precise directions on the dates and circumstances in which his messages were—and are—to be opened. His work for the Awakening of Humanity continues.

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