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    Also known as pranotherapy and practiced by the figure of the spiritual healer, it is the traditional method of prevention based on Damanhur. Prana, pure and undifferentiated vital energy, acts on the energy sphere or aura of the individual, reinforcing it where necessary. A training school for spiritual healers has been operating in Damanhur for many years.


    Every living being is surrounded by an aura of energy that sustains physical life. In natural environments and in healthy people, this vital energy is abundant and rich, constantly flowing and changing. A healthy and vital energy system corresponds on a physical level to effective immune defenses and an optimal self-protection capacity of the organism. When, on the other hand, the aura becomes weak and no longer able to adequately contain the vital energy necessary for the person, diseases and disharmonies on a physical and psychic level can occur.


    Pranoself is a treatment that strengthens and harmonizes the client's energy aura, conveying pure and undifferentiated energy - that is, adaptable to the personal frequency of the recipient. The selfic structures present in the study modulate vital energy so that it can beneficially interact with all the different systems of the organism. The person receiving the application can also direct this energy with his mind where he feels he needs it most. The self also amplify the energy value of the application many times compared to a normal pranopractic session.


    The diagrams are drawings that, crossed with the finger or the appropriate pen, stimulate neuronal connections by motor reflex, and connect parts of the brain that normally are not. There are different schemes in order to activate the areas of the brain useful for what you are preparing for. The scheme for preparing for Pranoself can be followed indifferently before or after application.


    The Pranoself session allows you to concentrate a large amount of vital energy. This energy is not completely absorbed during the application, so if the person so wishes, the 'surplus' can be conveyed into the water. For this purpose, we advise people to bring a bottle of water with them which, drunk a little at a time in the days following application, or between one application and the next, will allow them to gradually use all the accumulated energy.

    Selfica and Pranoselfica are fields of empirical research developed through the experiments conducted by the Damanhurians.
    In the field of psycho-physical well-being, their use does not constitute medical treatment and is not a substitute for medical treatment.
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