Ways to discover Damanhur

Damanhur is a community that welcomes visitors and those who want to collaborate in building a new world. We offer various opportunities for people to explore and discover Damanhur. You can choose the one that resonates best with you. Although we have strong values and guiding principles, we are in a constant state of transformation, allowing newcomers to co-create the whole Damanhur experience. There is no predefined path that one should follow to get to know Damanhur.

We strongly recommend making a reservation or contacting us before arriving in Damanhur.
It may not always be possible to organize a visit for walk-in guests.

Short Visits & Programs

Our Welcome Center organizes visits ranging from half a day to three days, which offer a great opportunity to connect with Damanhur. Even a half-day visit can help you understand more about the philosophy and mission of Damanhur. It also provides a chance to experience the energy of the community, which is difficult to explain through a simple tour. The immersive experience of a visit enables you to gain a deeper understanding of the community and its values.

Residential Programs

New Life 2.0 is a month-long immersive program that offers a transformative experience in Damanhur. It is designed for people who feel a calling toward community life, spirituality, and life in Damanhur.

Community Life Campus is a 10-day program of discovery of Damanhur. A journey into its communities, the discovery of historical and sacred places, accompanied by the stories of those who contributed to making this unique experience grow.

Study with us

If you’re interested in topics such as astral travel, dreams, alchemy, or healing, attending a course on these subjects can be a great way to learn more. You can even find these courses online. Damanhur Academy was founded over 40 years ago to share knowledge researched in the laboratory of Damanhur. The courses offered are based on over 45 years of practical experience, study, and experimentation conducted by the Damanhurians.

Participate in our projects from anywhere in the world

There are plenty of ways to stay connected and get involved in projects, events, and initiatives without becoming a full citizen. Damanhur in the World offers Damanhur centers, courses, and experiences in various countries, allowing you to explore new worlds while staying close to home.

We have recently launched an online community where you can learn how to participate in our magical missions such as HumaniTree Alliance, Spirals, Spiritual Popolo, and Magical Revival of Indigenous People. Alternatively, you can discover Damanhur through our online live events where you can learn about our philosophy and practices and ask any questions you may have.

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Unsure where to start?

If you’re uncertain which program is best for you, please complete the form on this page and we’ll arrange a call to discuss your requirements and identify the most suitable program for you.

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