Damanhur, Federation of Communities

In over forty-five years of life in common, Damanhur has achieved an extremely practical dream: a spiritual eco-community in which the 600 citizens who live there have given life to a multilingual society, open to exchanges with the world and the different cultures of peoples, and whose relationships are inspired by solidarity, a sense of responsibility, play, humor and creativity. Today Damanhur is an experience of research into the profound values ​​of existence, conducted through action and exploration in various fields: culture, work, art, sustainability, economics and research in the field of subtle energies that guide the universe. The social body deals with citizenship and the community. The social structure and the political system have changed many times over time, from the birth of the first community to the current Federation. The decision-making model has evolved, creating a system based on elective bodies, which arises from the effective participation of all citizens. The regulatory changes are sanctioned in accordance with the Constitution which has been updated several times up to the 2020 version, currently in force.

The four communities of Central Damanhur

The central nucleus of Damanhur, in the Canavese area in Piedmont, is divided into four communities, each with its own characterization and planning. This choice allows the different realities to maintain a more direct contact between the people who make them up, united by goals and dreams.
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