Oro Crea


Oro Crea is a goldsmith’s atelier that operates within the Damanhur federation. For over 20 years, we have been creating unique pieces, handmade by expert goldsmiths who have elevated their craftsmanship to the level of Art. We work with noble metals, 18 kt gold, 925 silver, carefully selected natural gems. Oro Crea jewels marry beauty, technique and meanings in a unique way, combining harmonious and soft shapes with symbols drawn from ancient cultures. A jewel created specifically and only for you becomes a complement of life, a beautiful, constant point of focus for your intentions and your dreams. Oro Crea gives you the opportunity to co-create together the Selfic jewel suitable for you. From your home, anywhere in the world, together we can make a Conference call, see and talk to each other directly so as to create a custom made project of YOUR NEW SELF JEWEL, suitable for you, your needs and your Dreams. Together we can choose the forms, the meanings with the sacred language and its functions through the Selfic circuits. What are you waiting for …. Contact us NOW We are waiting for you. Selfica Each piece is prepared to perform its functions through the use of Selfica, a discipline that allows you to concentrate energies present in the cosmos so that they can be used for specific and beneficial functions. Atlantis Inspired by the myth of Atlantis, we work to bring beauty, uniqueness and refinement to every piece we make with passion and attention. Even in Atlantis, the highest expression of humanity on our planet, master goldsmiths knew how to create energetically active objects.


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