A Laboratory for the Future

“Damanhur for me is a laboratory for the future. What we know for sure is that the future will not be like the past. We know that we cannot continue in the same ways we have used so far. Therefore we must experiment with new models, living together in peace and harmony. In this I believe that Damanhur is making a very important contribution. “ – Ervin Laszlo, scientist and philosopher, founder of the Budapest Club

The Federation has reached a stage of maturity, with over 45 years of experience in community living. An experimentation that involves all aspects of life, in particular in relation to the new “human sciences”. The search for a positive impact of selected, shared and constantly evolving social models are the basis of a path that aims at creating sustainable and happy societies. Development and value – two of the main benchmarks for the evaluation of any society – in Damanhur are defined in terms of quality of life for members of all ages, considering general health and happiness, access to continuing education , the artistic expression at all ages, the quality and quantity of significant exchanges between members; a harmonious relationship with the land; and the relevance of a spiritual dimension of life. The added value for individual and collective fulfillment is manifested in the putting into practice of everyone’s dreams and ideals. For this reason, Damanhur’s philosophy is based on positive thinking as an element capable of directing people’s best energies. The story of Damanhur is a demonstration of this principle, and every Damanhurian is committed to thinking positively about the future, about other people and about themselves.
New forms of society are possible and practicable. These are the indispensable paths for the creation of a new planetary balance in social, economic, human and cultural terms. It is really crucial right now to come up with new models that can be flexible enough to be applied in different conditions. New existing societies can create reference points for others: communities are human laboratories for the future, where new paradigms, systems and norms can be tested.
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